How to migrate from legacy to New Commerce Experience?

The best way to understand which of your license-based subscriptions can be migrated to New Commerce Experience (NCE), is to use NCE migration report

Reports can be accessed from the “Reports” section.


On the bottom of the page you will find "NCE migration report".



How to see existing legacy subscriptions that require migration?

In "Active subscriptions" section you will see the current list of legacy subscriptions that you own. Follow these steps to choose best option for migrating your legacy subscriptions to NCE:

1. Choose any subscription from "Active subscriptions" list;

2. If "Eligible for migration" field shows "true", this subscription can be migrated to NCE. For the subscriptions that have shown "false", migration is not available at the moment. You can find the explanation in the next field "reason for ineligibility";

3.  "NCE subscription section shows you the possible NCE subscriptions for the selected subscription;

4. "12M cost comparison" sections displays you a convenient comparison amongst the NCE subscription options allowing you to make the best decision for which of the NCE subscriptions to choose.


How to migrate the legacy subscription to NCE?

Migration from legacy to NCE has to be done manually by going to the list of your subscriptions, suspending the legacy subscription and creating a new subscription for matching NCE product.

!Note to ensure flawless transition between the subscriptions, it is best practice to use the option of scheduling the subscription suspension date according to your billing cycle and activate the new purchase on the suspension day.


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