Storing tax invoices on the platform

This Article describes how to manage invoice documents via the 'Invoices' section on the platform, about the visibility of the "Tax Invoice" column download options, synchronization details, email notifications, and handling corrections. 

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You can locate the stored invoice documents in the 'Invoices' section on the platform.

The "Tax Invoice" column is visible in Outgoing and Incoming invoices within the platform invoices section unless the user chose to hide it.


 You will notice two icons displayed if the invoice is present and stored in the database: "Open in a New Tab" and "Download".

Upon clicking either of these buttons, they will become grayed out to indicate that the download process has commenced. The buttons will remain disabled until the invoice either appears in a new tab or is saved in the 'Downloads' section of your browser.

It's important to note that if an invoice is issued between a Distributor and a Seller, the same invoice will be visible in both the Distributor's outgoing invoice section and the Seller's incoming invoices section.


Email notifications will be sent as soon as the PDF invoices become available on the platform.

When the Reseller is consumer, notifications will be sent to:
- TO: Seller Billing Contact
- CC: Seller Primary Contact
When the Customer is consumer, notifications will be sent to:
- TO: Customer Billing Contact
- CC: Customer Primary Contact

Synhronization from AppXite Invoicing Solution

For partners using AppXite Invoicing Solution (Business Central) invoice synchronization process to platform will be run at following times each day:

  • 00:00 UTC
  • 08:00 UTC
  • 20:00 UTC

The time it takes for invoices to appear on the platform varies depending on the number and size of invoices being synchronized at once. However, under normal operations, this process typically takes only a few minutes.

If any corrections need to be made to an invoice, after reposting the invoice in Business Central, the synchronization to the platform will occur during the next scheduled synchronization time, which takes place after the invoice posting is completed. The corrected document will then be stored and replace the previously synchronized document for download through the platform's user interface. It's important to note that only the latest, most recently loaded invoice will appear and be available for download from the platform in all cases.


Who can access the invoices?

Any user whose permissions allow them to view Invoices section on the platform can access the invoice documents.

How can invoice document be replaced if corrections were made to it?

If any changes are required for an invoice, the new invoice should be loaded through the normal process of automatic synchronization from Business Central. After the synchronization is completed, only the most recently loaded invoice will be available on the platform. This ensures that the latest version of the invoice is accessible for download and viewing through the platform.


  • When an invoice document is opened in a new tab and subsequently saved, the file will lose its original uploaded name and will be replaced with a random string. If preserving the original file name is important, it is recommended to use the direct download option instead.
  • On the platform, only one file can be accessed for a specific invoice at any given moment. This means that if an invoice has multiple sections that need to be split into multiple files, that separation must be done outside of the platform.
  • The invoice will be available in a single language, which is set as the default for customers in Business Central. If other language versions of the invoice are required, they can be accessed within Business Central. The platform itself will provide access to the invoice in the default language version.

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