Storing tax invoices on the platform

1. Introduction

Purpose of the article is to describe feature for loading and storing tax invoice on the platform.

2. Tax invoices on the platform

Invoice storage on the platform

Stored invoice documents can be found in ‘Invoices’ section on the platform. By default, the column with download options is hidden. It can be made visible by clicking column select button and ticking ‘Tax Invoice’ column.


After making the column visible, if the invoice is present and stored in the database, there will be two icons visible ‘open in a new tab’ or ‘download’.

When either of the buttons are clicked, they will become greyed out to indicate that download process has been started, until either the invoice will appear in a new tab or in ‘downloads’ section in your browser.

If invoice is issued between Distributor and Seller, the same invoice will appear in both, distributor outgoing invoice section and seller incoming invoices section.

Synhronization from AppXite Invoicing Solution

For partners using AppXite Invoicing Solution (Business Central) invoice synhronization to platform for each invoice will start as soon as they are posted in Business Central (appear in Posted Sales Invoices section).

Time it takes for invoices to appear on the platform depends on the count of invoices being synhronized at one time and their size, however during normal operations it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

In case corrections need to be made to an invoice, after reposting the invoice in Business Central, synhronization to platform will start once again when invoice posting is completed, and the document will be stored and will replace the previously synced document for download via the UI. In all cases only the latest, most recently loaded, invoice will appear and will be available for download from the platform.


Who can access the invoices?

Any user whose permissions allow them to view Invoices section on the platform can access the invoice documents.

How can invoice document be replaced if corrections were made to it?

If changes were needed to be made to an invoice, the new invoice should be loaded normally, by automatic synhronization from Business Central. And afterwards only the most recently loaded invoice will be available on the platform.

Known limitations

  • If invoice document is opened in a new tab, when saving, file will lose the name it had when uploaded and will be replaced with a random string. If this is an issue, direct download option should be used.
  • Only one file can be accessible for one invoice on the platform at one moment. If invoice has multiple sections which must be split in multiple files, that must be achieved outside of the platform.


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