Different pricing logic for each billing cycle

Vendors can set up complex pricing plans which allow the Customer to choose how often to be billed. It is possible to define unique price composition logic and discounts for each billing cycle separately.

Note! There is no special "Billing Cycle" control for pricing plans. In order to create a billing cycle, the vendor should create a radio/dropdown and configure its behavior on the price tab.  


After the pricing plan is "Designed"  the next step is to apply a formula to that plan which is done under the "Price" section:


a. Currency – it is possible to see in what currency price is created, always choose local currency;
b. Billing cycles and discounts - it is possible to select the billing period, between Monthly, Yearly,  One-time, and Use custom control. 
c. d. Billing cycle - it is possible to

e. Formula - choose the section which is applicable to your designed pricing plan:

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