Custom properties description

Custom Properties are extra details that can be added by Distributor or Seller to Organization's, Subscriptions & Offers and will be displayed on UI or synchronised with ERP or CRM system.

  • Only Distributor admin or Seller admin/Account manager can view custom properties.

  • These are be the only valid data formats accepted for the Custom properties:
    - Name
    - String
    - Integer
    - Boolean
    - Single List
    - Multi List

  • Each partner can define for each template whether the template should be inherited by their "child" partners and their platforms.

  • Users can Edit values for supported objects on UI or via API.

  • How to add Custom properties trough API:
For an Organization For a Subscription For Offers
Click here Click here Click here
  • Example of how the properties are portrayed in the UI:

    For an Organization:
    For a Subscription:

    Such properties can be added after subscription is purchased.
    If these must be added during purchase process, check out this article for the supported UI functionality:

    For Offers:

  • Besides from the data formats, added properties are not going to be validated for other formats (such as email or date formats) in the platform and will be portrayed on Outgoing Invoice section, in such manner:


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