Release Notes 149

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Price proration

When customers buy new subscriptions, proration applies based on vendor, time of purchase and co-terming. Now, in such cases, the customer will see how much they should expect to pay for the first incomplete billing period. Proration information is added to:
  1. Offer configuration page, before the offer is added to cart. It now also tells you how much you will be charged for the first "n" days. This information goes in addition to the previously displayed regular fees for each (subsequent) full period.
  2. Shopping cart. It now displays an extra "first period prorated" label on affected offers. To see detailed numbers, you can click on the label to open the configuration page with the full price breakdown.

Reset for Multi-Factor Authentication

Admins will now be able to reset MFA for users with a local account on their platform. To do this, open user profile and click "Reset MFA".


These updates went live on 31.08.

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