Release Notes 150

What's new

Organizations API updates

Introducing the "List all Organizations" API:

  • Use POST requests for advanced querying and filtering of organization data.
  • Filter by criteria like vendors, providers, and consumers.
  • Customize pagination with page numbers and item counts.
  • Retrieve detailed organization information, including ID, name, status, and types.
  • Get segmented results for improved data granularity.


We made it easier to manage your Adobe business:

  • Searching for partners in Reseller Report for Distributors is now easier by their Adobe ID
  • Subscriptions report now shows Adobe-specific context such as Admin Account Email, Customer Vendor ID. You can also filter by Days Until Subscription End Date and the date itself.

Fixes and tweaks

  • Fixed a visual bug that could sometimes prevent users from updating the configuration of offers in the cart.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some users from receiving notifications about newly published offers.


These updates went live on Sep 14, 2023.

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