Release Notes 151

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Contract onboarding - Acronis

Distributors can now make Acronis services available to their new and existing partners. To do this:

  1. Create or open partner's profile
  2. Under "Vendor contracts" enable Acronis and specify partner's tenant with them:
    1. Add an existing Partner Tenant ID if your partner already has one with Acronis
    2. Create a new one otherwise
    3. Click "Update" to save changes

This will verify (or create) partner's tenant directly with Acronis, create the contract for Acronis between you and the partner, and make Acronis offers available in their catalog. 

Offer integrations

We greatly improved logging of offer integrations for vendors on AppXite Platform. Soon you can expect a new API to retrieve these logs. They will help you test-run all integrations with your ERP or ITSM system from dynamic configurations and prices to provisioning.


These updates went live on 28 Sep, 2023.

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