Release Notes 155

Adobe VIP MP migration and sync APIs

Our new APIs will help you seamlessly migrate your Adobe customers to VIP MP and synchronize migrated customers into platform.

If your customer is already migrated to VIP MP, simply start their synchronization to your platform right away. With one API call, the platform will do all the hard work for you:

  1. Create organization and tenant.
  2. Sync and co-term subscriptions based on based on customer's Adobe account
  3. Apply the right discounts based on customer's Adobe account

If your customer is yet to be migrated, use our new APIs to perform full migration and sync. With just several API calls you will:

  1. Validate whether your customer is eligible for migration
  2. Migrate them to VIP MP
  3. Synchronize the customer and their subscriptions to your platform as described above

Once synchronization is completed, you will find new subscriptions in their usual place on your platform.

Billing improvements

Peak usage

By default, your platform is set to your usage offers by calculating the total (SUM) volume of meters consumed within a month. Now you can open your offer and set usage to be billed for peak (MAX) numbers in the same period.

This will help you deploy a more competitive pricing model of your servers, cloud computing, telecommunications and other services. It will also allows you to optimize your prices to better fit your actual cost structure.

Postponing invoice calculation

Your platform calculates invoices based on subscription events and usage. This data for any given period isn't always finalized on the invoice date.

Example: your platform calculates invoices on the 1st day of the month. By that time all subscription events from the current period are already accounted for, but usage date from the same period is still being collected and processed.

Now you can postpone calculation of the invoice for the current period by a few days to include usage billings into the same invoice. This ensures that usage and similar "late arrivals" are invoiced in their actual period and all your revenue comes on time.

Upgrades - prefill configuration

When configuring an upgrade for your subscription, the upgrade form now starts with the current values from your subscription. You can now be more confident and accurate when you submit the upgrade without having multiple tabs open.

Fixes and tweaks

Fixed being able to repeatedly click the "Overwrite selected" button for no reason during price import.


These updates are planned to go live by Nov 23, 2023.

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