Release Notes 156

Cancellations API

As a follow-up to platform's support of vendor Cancellation Policies, we published a new API to integrate cancellations with a third-party system.

With one API call you can now retrieve which recent orders or changes you can cancel (e.g., roll back a quantity increase), and a deadline. Based on the specifics of the vendor, you can use this information to either cancel the corresponding recent order or reduce quantity with a new change order.

Variables in offer integrations

When creating an integration for your offer, you can now create and set variables to help you transform data from the customer and simplify the integration. Here are some examples:
  1. After customer enters Name and Surname in the order form, automatically generate their username or default domain when provisioning the subscription.
  2. Create a more structured configuration form with separate Number, Street, City and Zip Code fields to increase accuracy and consistency of user input, but combine them into one Address variable to store in your system.

By definition, variables can contain anything and be used for anything. The best way to use them is your own.

Unit price proration in invoices

Many vendors use AppXite Platform's billing engine to calculate their charges. Since subscriptions can be updated in many ways at any point, the charge in the invoice often must be prorated. In such case the platform used to prorate the total price in the invoice, but keep the unit price "as is". With our new update to the billing engine, unit price in the invoices is also prorated.

The update will make the unit price better correspond to the total price and make platform's billings more consistent with the practices of large vendors we support (e.g., Microsoft). The extra consistency helps your accounting understand and verify invoices across all vendors more easily. It should also help avoid possible confusion and raise confidence of your customers in the invoices they receive.

Improved support for one-time plans

We improved support for one-time plans which will introduce new offers to your platform. Based on the improvements, we are soon planning to onboard Extended Security Updates (ESUs) offers for end of support versions of Windows Server and SQL Server.

Fixes and tweaks

  • When distributor creates a new catalog category for their partners, it will now be added at the bottom of the list (used to be top). This will help keep the spotlight on the seller's ongoing campaigns, while allowing distributors to add new products any time they need.
  • Fixed a rare error when creating a catalog category as a distributor.


These updates went live on December 7, 2023.

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