Release Notes 157

Prorated prices on subscription page

As you probably know, your platform displays prorated prices during purchase of new subscription for eligible offers. For example, co-termed Adobe offers. With our most recent update to this feature, proration is now also enabled for prices displayed for changes to existing subscriptions.
For additional details of this feature, refer to: How to change the quantity of subscription licenses?

Hint to increase seats

Every new subscription always comes with overhead to manage it throughout its lifecycle - monitor, update, renew, cancel, invoice and so on. With the latest update your platform will help you and your customers avoid such overhead in future.

Now, when the customer attempts to buy an offer that they already have a subscription for, your platform will automatically suggest them to increase seats in their existing subscription instead.

For additional details of this feature, refer to: How to purchase subscriptions?


Invoice verification usability improvements

Outgoing invoices now have additional filters for Status and Currency, and a few miscellaneous quality of life improvements to help you verify and issue invoices faster. For example, now you can:

  1. Filter all EUR invoices in status New
  2. Check whether their Total corresponds to your expectations.
  3. Click "Select all" (now selects all visible rows on all pages as opposed to current page only) and Verify/Issue all EUR invoices at once

For additional details of this feature, refer to: How can I see details of my outgoing invoice?

Starting price in catalog

To help vendors, hosting providers, telcos and MSPs market offers to customers, the platform will now begin to display starting price in their price plans. This price is calculated based on the currently active plan.

Partners and customers can find starting prices as soon as they open the product in their catalog. Sales people will now only spend 1-2 clicks to inform their customers about the price on any offer. Customers will also find seeing starting prices helpful to identify and distinguish offers on their own.


Setting to disable upgrade form

Depending on internal capabilities, vendors may not support upgrades and configuration changes in the same order. With the new setting added to every offer, vendors can now choose to disable configuration form when customer selects an upgrade for their existing subscription.

For additional details of this feature, refer to: How to create new offers?


Fixed occasional redirect to catalog when you try to open another section.


These updates are planned to go live by Dec 21, 2023.

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