Adobe 3-Year Commitment

Customers can upgrade commitment to 3 years and manage recommitment, to receive better prices on higher volumes.

3-Year Commit (3YC) is a loyalty program that allows you to get a greater discount level as well as a price lock for 3 terms (the current term and 2 additional terms).

You commit to a minimum quantity that you must purchase and maintain throughout the 3-year commitment period.

Platform contains two 3YC offers based on available commitment types:

  1. For Licenses
  2. For Consumables

These two offers are for free and are not being invoiced, however you still need to meet Commitment requirements.



Offer form

It displays current information related to selected Commitment Type offer:

  • Whether account exists
    • If not, then admin account and other fields will be empty. You can select Action "Create account" and proceed with creation.
    • If yes, then admin account will display admin email.
  • Whether you have already started transactions
    • If yes, then Coterm date will be displayed.
  • Whether you already have Commitment for selected type
    • If yes, then order shouldn't be placed, but any management performed from existing subscription.


Commitment request

If you want to initiate 3Y commitment request for this type, then should choose Minimum Commitment quantity and place the order.


After the order is placed, Commitment is created with status "Requested". End customer needs to follow Adobe rules and time range to accept or decline request in console.

After Commitment is accepted, you need to place the order that meets requested quantity (unless already purchased requested quantity) and status automatically will change to "Committed".

Order statuses

Platform "3-year commitment for licenses/consumables" offer orders will stay in progress until Commitment status becomes "Committed".

If an end customer declines Commitment, then the order will fail with status "User declined the commitment request".

If an end customer on Adobe side has already commitment outside Platform, then the order will fail.



  • By default Subscription has Auto Renewal flag disabled. Renewal can be enabled 30 days prior renewal date.
  • During current term you can increase commitment quantity any time by placing quantity change order (Edit - Now). Afterwards it is necessary to follow the same process with accepting and committing the request.
  • Edit - On renewal will be enabled 30 days prior renewal date. You can schedule another quantity for the next 3YC.
  • Cancellation - once 3Y is committed, there is no cancellation option or decrease within current commitment term. Such cases might be reviewed directly by Adobe and cancellation done by them with their consent.

Manage commitment in platform

After migration, customers can fully manage the separate "3-year commitment" subscriptions just like any other:

  1. Open to see Adobe account benefits information such as: commitment term, minimum committed volume, and re-commitment
  2. Update committed volume
  3. Enable or disable re-commitment

All changes will automatically sync to Adobe account.

Customers that don't have the 3-year commitment yet can enable it by purchasing the "3-year commitment for licenses/consumables" offers.

Once provisioned, you will receive all respective benefits on future orders.

When determining the price of an offer, your platform will now additionally check customer benefits directly in their Adobe account. This extra verification will run when you migrate a customer, buy a new offer or update an existing subscription.


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