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Subscription term: from-till anniversary date. The customer’s VIP Anniversary Date is set to be 12 months from the date of the initial order. Anything published within this time period will be subject to a unified Anniversary date.

Daily proration: Additional licenses may be added at any time after the customer’s initial order. The anniversary date for additional licenses will be listed on the order confirmation email and in the Account tab in the Admin Console. All licenses will be renewed on the Anniversary Date, and changes to Adobe subscriptions must be made before this date.

Invoice depending on offer: yearly. 

Renewal: Licenses purchased through VIP Marketplace automatically renew for the following year. Customers may choose to opt-out of automatic renewal, in which case the licenses will be deactivated at the next Anniversary Date. A reminder notification will be sent before any licenses are deactivated, and customers may update their renewal settings by contacting their reseller prior to the anniversary date.

Returns: Returns are accepted if the entire order is returned and if the licenses are not currently in use. Customers must make the return request with their reseller within 14 days of placing the order.

Cancellation: Once the customer is enrolled in VIP Marketplace, their membership remains effective until any of the following conditions occur: (a) They choose to leave the program by giving a 30-day notice of cancellation to the reseller; (b)Adobe terminates the program; (c) Customer’s membership is terminated due to a breach of program terms and conditions.



End-customers can assign existing licenses to users, but the purchase of additional licenses is possible only via the Appxite portal.

Read here about Adobe order creation.


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  • Matthew Tanner

    Is the purchased Adobe license a individual Adobe managed account or can  it be an enterprise account? And how do access this solution to purchase. 

    Matthew Tanner