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Business Locations for Better Expenses Mapping

For international operators, our latest feature Business Locations aligns the expenses of each country with specific regional cost centers or corporate entities more directly and effortlessly.

By establishing distinct business locations for each country you operate in, mapping your partners and customers to these regional locations, and processing invoices by location, you're set for business location details now included in your invoices.



Adobe Industries for Partners and End-Customers

Recognizing how the industry of a partner and end-customer can significantly influence service availability and pricing, we've introduced a self-service option and integration to specify the industry.

Now, when establishing a contract with your Adobe partner through PartnerHub, you can select from industries such as Private Business, Education, and Government, ensuring they align with eligible sectors. Additionally, Adobe customers will have the opportunity to indicate their own industry.



New Microsoft NCE Migration Paths and Promotions Report Available

To facilitate a well-informed discussion and gain a full understanding of the current status of customer subscriptions, AppXite has introduced a new NCE Migration Paths report.

This report identifies which subscriptions are eligible for migration, in which new subscriptions they will be converted to including information like term duration, billing plan, new price, and applicable promotions. It also identifies subscriptions that are not eligible for migration, along with the reasons for their ineligibility.



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