Release Notes 167

Partial upgrades

Partial upgrade is performed when you want to upgrade a part of a subscription to a higher subscription plan. For example, a customer has 16 licensed seats of Office 365 E1 and he wants to upgrade 6 seats to Office 365 E3.

As a result of a partial upgrade, you will have two subscriptions:

  • The existing one (initial subscription) with the same term end date as before but with a reduced number of seats
  • A new upgraded and co-termed subscription

Learn more: How to Upgrade & Downgrade Subscriptions


Extended notifications - scheduled order cancellation on custom date

With the latest webhook deployment, you can now receive notifications for scheduled order cancellation on a custom date.  This will allow partners to keep up an accurate order information.

You can set up webhooks and email notifications to receive alerts about significant changes. To access the notification settings, log into your platform, go to "Settings," then click on "Notifications" and select "View." From there, you can configure recipient email addresses for email notifications and details for webhook notifications.

Learn more: Notification - Custom Date Scheduled Order Cancelation


Validation check for duplicated MPNID

When creating a seller with an MPN ID, you will now be warned if the indicated MPN ID is already taken by another Microsoft partner that exists on the platform. If you see such a message, double-check that you enter the correct MPN ID. If it is correct but still taken, please contact our support to get help.



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