Release Notes 168

Static vendor key-value configurations (settings)

Partners who manage their own pricing plans no longer have to add the following form elements for static vendor configuration (vendor parameters) while designing pricing plans:

  • “Administrator First Name”
  • “Administrator Last Name”,
  • “Administrator Email”,
  • “Customer Account ID”.

These parameters are now retrieved automatically by vendor ID via APIs and can be added/changed in the Vendor Settings in the pricing plan.  

Learn more: Vendor Settings in CPQ


Adobe VIPMP reseller change

Customers can now opt to switch to a different Adobe reseller and continue to manage their subscriptions and new orders with the new reseller. Reseller change is a customer-initiated process where a customer administrator generates the approval code in Adobe Admin Console to allow a new reseller to perform the change. After that, all customer subscription data is synchronized to a new reseller in the AppXite platform.

The reseller change is ineligible if:

  • a customer has open or complete orders in the cancellation window
  • a customer ERPID already has an active Adobe tenant in the AppXite platform
NOTE! Reseller change is not supported with AppXite system! If the Adobe tenant already exists under a reseller in AppXite system, it won't be moved to another reseller.

Learn more: Adobe Self-Service APIs

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