Release Notes 51

This release was dedicated to eliminating the reported issues spotted by our power users in the major previous release. We also continued to improve the speed with which you create and manage your customers to save time every day. Your customers will now also be able to search offers by the custom tags that Portfolio Managers assign to products as part of the back-office feature we introduced earlier this year. To summarize, the customers can browse, filter and search by tags to find specifically what they need. Be sure to start actively tagging your products if you haven’t done it already!

Features and fixes included in the release:

Title Description Who benefits?

Subscription Change Error

Eliminated the case when saving subscriptions with no changes would produce empty "item" in the cart that you couldn't remove.

Seller, end-customer

Price (Markup) cannot be changed for the offer

Fixed an issue that caused conflict when creating markup for a specific period.


New customers do not sync from MS PC (2-tier)

Fixed an issue when select reported customers weren't synchronized from MS Partner Center. The missing customers were synchronized successfully.

Seller, end-customer

DocuSign invoices not matching originals

We made corrections to select DocuSign invoices that would differ from the vendor's originals.


Order Cannot be placed

We fixed the issue that caused some customers to be unable to place a new order.


Max Amount not validated in shopping cart

We eliminated an edge-case when shopping cart would allow offer quantity to exceed the limit for that offer.

Seller, end-customer

AM can't update subscription due to Soft Limit

If a CSP Partner Admin had set the subscription price lower than the Account Manager is allowed to set, Soft Limit would prevent the Account Manager to save any changes to such subscription (even if changes aren't price-related). From now on Account Managers will always be able to save their changes to subscriptions if they don't change the price (or the set price is within their limits).


Assigned licenses aren't displayed in subscription details

Fixed rare cases when assigned licenses for an active subscription would not be displayed.

Seller, end-customer

Subscription edit page error

Fixed an error that some customers saw when attempting to view their active subscription.


Organization creation speed

After having shown a 10x improvement in the speed of creating and managing organizations in our recent release, we further optimized the process of creating a new organization.


Improved permission checking system

We changed the way the system checks your permissions and decides which content and functions should be available to you. Now it is more reliable and scalable.

Seller, end-customer

Rename Legal contact to Primary contact in Org profile

"Legal contact" in the Organization profile has been renamed to "Primary contact" to match the terminology in other places.

Seller, end-customer

Search products by custom tags

Customers can now find offers by tags assigned to products.

Seller, end-customer


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