Release Notes 52

This release introduces support for the new Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCuA) that was recently introduced by Microsoft to gradually replace the old Microsoft Cloud Agreement (MCA). Now customers can sign and verify the new agreement directly in the platform (learn more).                                           

We wholeheartedly recommend joining us for a quick but informative webinar session on this topic on December 11 (this Wednesday!) at 1:00 PM EET – opt in now here!   

In addition, we also managed to improve loading times and consistency of working with invoices, markups, customer prices, dates and more.

Features included in the release

Support for Microsoft
Customer Agreement

We added support for the new Microsoft Customer Agreement. Now customers can sign and verify the new agreement directly in the platform. Beneficiary
Further performance
We drastically improved performance when loading invoices, working with markups and more. Seller
Tweak date format for one-time offers on the Subscriptions page We now hide the From/To date for one-time offers instead of showing the same date for both, which used to confuse users into thinking the dates are wrong. Seller,
Markup not validated
on checkout
Fixed a rare issue when you could add markup outside of the allowed range and still add place the order. Seller,
Wrong order date. We prevented certain scenarios under which order date for older orders would sometimes show as "today". Seller,
404 missing error page template. We beautified our "404" page, which you see when you enter a wrong URL or click a link that no longer works. Customer
Wrong status for updated subscriptions. Fixed cases when you would sometimes see "Completed with errors" status for recently updated subscriptions, even when the update is successful. Seller,

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