Release Notes 53 & 54

In this release, we focused on adding support for even more Microsoft offerings. We also added a way for sellers to accept payments from customers by card. You will also now be able to manage customer specific prices in bulk by simply uploading a spreadsheet. See more below and consider revisiting our Knowledge Base to get further details and hands-on instructions.  

Features and fixes included in the release

Title Description Who benefits?
Payments by credit card As a seller admin, you can now connect your Stripe payment service account in Settings to offer your customers to pay for purchased and consumed services by card. The customer will simply need to change the preferred payment method in the organization profile to "Payment card" and add the card details. Once the card is added by your customer, all their monthly fees will be charged to it automatically. Important to note that we don't store card information, and it is fully handled by Stripe according to all global safety and security standards. Seller, end-customer 
Support for Microsoft
Software Subscriptions
We added full support for the widely popular Software Subscriptions offerings by Microsoft, covering the full buyer journey from purchasing to billing, reporting and invoicing. Seller, end-customer
Support for Azure
Reserved instances
We also added support for Azure Reserved Instances. If the customer purchases it in the Azure portal, the AppXite platform will still take care of billing, reporting and invoicing. We also added a way for customers to send a purchase request and reserve an instance through the AppXite Platform through assisted sales. Seller, end-customer
Import customer prices You can now import markups in bulk for all offers, vendors, and customers straight from your spreadsheet! Don't worry about overwriting your existing price settings - the platform will warn you about conflicting settings and ask you to choose whether to overwrite every time. Seller
Make State/ Province field in organization profile optional We made the State/Province field in an organization registration form optional to simplify the customer creation process. Seller, end-customer
Shopping cart-related APIs docs We released documentation for our Shopping cart and Subscription management APIs. You can request access to it by submitting a request through the knowledgebase. Seller
Tweaks and fixes We eliminated the commonly requested tweaks all around the platform (most of them are minor) and individual cases in reports and invoices. Seller, end-customer


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