Release Notes 55 & 56

This release was dedicated to making general improvements to the stability and usability of the platform in various areas. Among these improvements there are also some new or updated capabilities:

  1. “Block seller” operation – soon to be added for blocking customers too!
  2.  Quick access to your roles & permissions from the profile icon
  3.  Simplified payments by card for both seller and customer

Please see the full list of improvements below.

Features and fixes included in the release

Title Description  Who benefits?
Consistency of
interface of different
We made the look & feel of Product Management and Seller Management tools more consistent with the rest of the platform. Seller
Better layout of Invite
user slide-out window
We tweaked the order, layout, and validation of fields in the window where you invite users or give permissions. Now it is more natural experience and in line with the expectations of our users who suggested the tweaks ahead of time! Seller,
Improved "Block
seller" operation
We expanded what blocking your partner-seller does by adding cancellation of orders sent to provisioning (but not yet provisioned) and quotes (coming soon). We are also working to allow sellers to block customers - stay tuned for that in the upcoming releases. Seller
Show user permissions in the user profile Now all roles granted to your platform account are just a click away from the profile icon in the top right corner. Seller,
More detailed logging
for Stripe payments
We started logging extra details when Stripe rejects payments Seller
Refund your customers more easily When for whatever reason your refund attempt to your customer's card is unsuccessful, we will automatically repeat the attempt up to 10,000 times in order to get the refund through without any extra effort from you. Be sure to connect your Stripe account in Platform Settings and start offering your customers an option to pay by card! Seller
Enable customers to
start buying straight
after signup
We made it easier for your customers to start purchasing immediately after self-sign up by using their Primary Contact details as Billing Contact details as well. Seller,
Improved consistency
of purchasing experience
We made the checkout experience more consistent by inheriting the add-on billing cycle from the parent offer and tweaking interface behaviour in the cart. Seller,
Invoicing accuracy
We addressed issues some sellers experienced with the generation and general accuracy of their invoices. This should prevent identified cases from affecting future users.



Billing accuracy
We improved the accuracy of our billing engine by closing several edge cases.


Misc bugs We fixed minor issues select users reported experiencing while interacting with markups, customer segments user profiles.


Stability of reports We eliminated issues that caused some reports to
occasionally fail to load data or columns.


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