Release Notes 57

We have been working on making Microsoft’s new Azure Plan available for purchase in the platform, and here it is! We also worked on some usability improvements and general maintenance.

Features and fixes included in the release

Title Description Who benefits?
Redirect back after logging in Ever noticed how you are redirected to the Catalog page after logging in? Now you will be redirected back to the page you were viewing before being asked to log in. Seller, customer
Support of virtual paths Want to host your AppXite platform on your domain? Now we support placing it under virtual paths on your domain, e.g. "". Feel free to reach out to us through the Knowledgebase to discuss this option. Seller
Tweak to displaying
prices for addons
When you add an offer to cart with a yearly billing cycle, add-ons displayed during the optional step will also have annual prices to be in line with the offer you selected. Seller, customer
Azure Plan Microsoft's new Azure Plan is now available for purchase on the platform! Once purchased, it will also be reflected in the invoices and reports as usual. Seller, customer
Buggy display of prices in some browsers Sometimes prices would show up as"NaN" (means "Not a Number")
instead of actual values. We fixed it.
Seller, customer
Improved usability of
adding tags
We added small improvements to how the interface behaves when you add tags. While not easy to spot right away, it became much easier to create many tags in a row. Seller
Duplicate accounts in
specific user invite
We added extra measures to ensure user invites go through without
creating accidental duplicates in certain edge-cases.
Seller, customer
Trouble saving billing
We fixed issues behind the organization billing contacts not being updated properly in certain scenarios. Seller, customer

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