Release Notes 67 & 68

With this release we are rolling out two handy updates for configuring and managing your own offerings that you onboard to the platform.

Do your Contracts or Terms of Use require customers to commit to a certain minimum period of using the service before they can cancel? Now you can choose between the default of 0, and 1, 2 or 3 years of minimum commitment for any offer you onboard. Please contact if you want your default for all offers to be changed. During this period, you are guaranteed that the customer won't cancel or decrease the quantity of seats/licenses, while the customer is guaranteed the price. It is also safe to change the setting at any time - all existing subscriptions will retain the settings that were applied on the date they were purchased.

You can now also classify your offers using United Nations Standard for Products and Services Classification Codes (UNSPSC) by adding them in the offer settings. You can retrieve them via API and use for taxation, billing, costs and other calculations and reporting. If you would like to integrate the platform directly with the tax system of your choice, please submit your request to and our Customer Success team will look into it.

Lastly, we made a lot of under the hood improvements for the general stability of the platform in important areas like onboarding and authentication. 

Release details

Title Description Who benefits?
Minimum commitment in offer settings Require a minimum commitment of 0-3 years from your customers upon purchase of your offers. Vendors, MSPs, customers
Classify offers with UNSPSC Classify your offers for taxation, billing, reporting, costs and other calculations. Vendors, MSPs

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