Release Notes 71 & 72

In this release, we have been focusing on improving the stability of recently added functionality related to bundles and price calculation, subscriptions section, currency conversion.

We also improved how services with mixed billing cycles and in local currency are displayed in email notifications upon order confirmation, upcoming renewal.

We added a new section on the platform for distributors to view and manage seller segments. As a distributor admin, you can do the following things:

  • Create and remove segments.
  • See the list of segments with details like the number of sellers and the number of products in the catalog for each segment.
  • Add and remove sellers from each segment.
  • Edit each segment’s name, price settings, and catalog. 

Release details

Title Description Who benefits?
Services with mixed billing cycles in notifications Now prices for services with mixed billing cycles and in customer’s local currency will be better displayed in email notifications Seller,
Seller segment management As a distributor, you can now fully manage segments of your sellers in one place Distributor

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