Financial Indicator Breakdown

The breakdown report allows further exploration of cost, revenue, and margin data.

All customers and sellers have access to the reporting section enabling tracking billings data over time. Reports can be accessed from the “Reports” section.


Financial Indicator Breakdown report contains 4 filter groups: Basic, Subscriptions, Organizations, Offers each with their own filters set.

1. Basic - Invoice Date, Customer, Vendor, Offer


Calculate- By toggling between Markup/Margin, the percentage of markup or margin will be displayed.

2. Subscriptions - Vendor, Subscription, Auto Renew Enabled, Trial, Microsoft NCE, Subscription Start Date


3. Organizations - Customer, Vendor


4. Offers - Vendor, Product, Offer, Offer Type, Trial, Microsoft NCE, Custom Offer Properties



Press the plus (+) button next to any value to split the data based on Vendor, Product, Offer, Subscription, Customer dimensions, or select High or Low to select the highest impact dimension automatically. Please check the following link to see detailed information on the functionality


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