The Forecast tool shows the forecast for the next 3 months, based on past invoice data within an 85% confidence interval, identifying seasonality if applicable. 

All customers and sellers have access to the reporting section enabling tracking billings data over time. Reports can be accessed from the “Reports” section.


The report itself can be found either in the main page on ALL REPORTS tab or in the bottom line where all possible reports are located:



Forecast report has 4 filter groups:

1. Basic provides these filters - Invoice Date, Customer, Vendor, Offer


2. Organizations group - Customer, Vendor



3. Subscriptions group - Vendor, Subscription, Auto Renew Enabled, Trial, Microsoft NCE, Subscription Start Date



4. Offers group - Vendor, Product, Offer, Trial, Microsoft NCE, Custom Offer Properties


All 4 groups can be used with selected currency: EUR, USD, or Invoice Currency


The grey area indicates where the future revenue or cost is likely to be in 85% of all cases. The filters can be used to explore the data further. In cases when no estimate can be made based on the past data, the forecast lines will be hidden. 

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