Release Notes 117

Release 117 was rolled out on 13/06/2022.


What is new?

In this release we are focusing on fixing multiple bugs, mainly in Order and Price management areas. Furthermore, we are bringing small updates to invoice section, reconciliation file and reporting API to bring you more insights on your customers and invoice data. 


Orders & Subscriptions

  • Scheduled subscription changes are now possible for Adobe subscriptions.
  • Improved consistency of order status synchronization and eliminated the problem of orders getting stuck in provisioning for Microsoft subscriptions under certain conditions.
  • Fixed issue where offers would sometimes partially fail in situations where orders contain multiple NCE offers.
  • Fixed crashes on offer configuration page in some situations when currency conversion takes place.
  • Fixed incorrect seller price sometimes being previewed during the offer configuration step.


  • Reporting API now allows you to get contract reference numbers that you would usually find in the reconciliation file.


  • Outgoing Invoice Section now has a column "Vendor" to help you distinguish what type of subscriptions are under each invoice contract.
  • Invoice data now contains customer tenant domain with the vendor data to help allocate costs more accurately when one customer uses multiple tenant domains. You will find it as an additional column in the reconciliation file.
  • Fixed issue with some cycle fee charges in invoices for Microsoft subscriptions appearing as Corrections instead of Cycle Charge.

Price Management

  • Fixed issue with some offers displaying wrong price during purchase due to the incorrect currency being used.
  • Fixed issue with newly added markups in certain situations overriding the existing markups despite  different effective dates.

Product Management

  • Found and brought back "Microsoft Defender for Endpoint P2" offer that was reported missing from the product catalog.

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