Release Notes 120


We are adding the long-awaited support for Adobe price levels across all existing offers on the platform, alongside other improvements to the buying experience. These updates will be made available later this week:

  • Prices for available Adobe offers and subscriptions now include volume discounts based on customer's Account Level.
  • When purchasing their first Adobe offer, customers can now create their admin account right as they configure the offer. The separate "Adobe account creation" offer that was necessary until today will now be removed from the platform.
  • Customers can now update admin account details in their existing Adobe subscriptions.

What's new?

Last month Microsoft started to apply promotions on eligible renewal orders that you schedule in Microsoft Partner Center. This week, we are bringing this ability to you through your platform. If you schedule renewal changes for your NCE subscription and there is a valid promotion on that date for your chosen configuration, it will now apply automatically.

If you have renewal orders placed prior to June 16 that should be eligible for a promotion, please resubmit them for the promotion to apply. Microsoft does not apply promotions to scheduled changes saved prior to that date.



  • Fixed change orders notifications showing incorrect quantity for old subscriptions to select legacy Microsoft offers;
  • Fixed a rare occasion of the order failing due to incorrect geographical availability settings of the offer;
  • Fixed orders not being created for changes to the quantity of add-ons;
  • Fixed issue with some NCE subscriptions reactivating after the suspension.


  • Fixed error some users saw when trying to view all subscriptions from the notification on upcoming renewals;
  • Fixed issue with "500 error" being displayed sometimes when opening the Quotes section;
  • "Found" some Printix subscriptions missing from the platform;
  • Fixed invoices section not showing "Partially verified" status consistently.

We're planning to make these updates available to you on 25.07.

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