NCE Price list report

NCE Price list report is a report to review price configuration by offer, reseller and customer for NCE offers.
NOTE! The data is refreshed daily, any changes to the price list configuration made today will be reflected in the report on the following day.  

All customers and sellers have access to the reporting section enabling tracking billings data over time. Reports can be accessed from the “Reports” section in top navigation.


At the bottom of the page locate the NCE price list report.

There are 3 filter groups that provide different kind of filters for prices - Basic, Organizations, Offers.

Basic filter group includes Reseller/ Customer/ Offer/ Market/ Segment/ Billing Plan/ Term Duration/ Currency/ Convert to Currency/Show price Based on: Billing plan, Term duration.

NCE Price List Report has a switch to show the prices either based on the Term Duration (current default, total price per full term duration) or based on the Billing Plan (new, show price to be paid for the Billing Plan length, regardless of the Term Duration).


Organizations filter group includes Reseller/ Customer/ Vendor.



Offers filter group includes Vendor/ Product/ Offer/Offer/ Type/ Offer Status.



NOTE! select customer/-s to have the latter three fields display the information.

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