Release Notes 123

What's new

Brand new organizations section

UPDATE: We will need some extra time to finish the new section, please do not expect any changes this time.

Usability improvements

  • We made a few usability improvements to the reporting section. Now you will be greeted with a home pages showing all available reports to help you choose the one you need.
  • The price on offer configuration page now shows a loading indicator when the platform checks for an update. You will normally see it when it checks for a potential promotion discount with the vendor.
  • When you create a price setting by adding markup or discount to your cost or SRP, the SRP option now warns you that it might result in a loss. This reminder is mostly designed for low-margin offers with fluctuating price from vendor.


  • Fixed missing button for canceling eligible orders.
  • Fixed multiple successive changes to subscription billing cycle giving the wrong result.
  • Fixed incorrect price displayed in quote notifications due to double application of seller markup.

We are planning to ship these updates by Sep 1.

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