Release Notes 126

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Now you can bring new vendor offers to end-customers across your entire sales channel in an instant. When you add a new product to a segment with partners, the following now takes just one click:

  1. Save the product to be available to all future partners you will onboard and add to this segment (as before).
  2. Add the product to all catalogs these partners have for their end-customers. If product category with the same name already exists in their catalog, the product will be added to the first position in that category. Otherwise the new category will be added to the top of their catalog, with the new product in it.
  3. Disable any offer under the new product for all partners in the segment. They can no longer change visibility of the disabled offers for customers until you remove the restriction.
  4. Notify partners about the newly available offers (as before). We still recommend that they review things that might require fine-tuning: price settings, tags, visibility and position in the catalog.

You can still choose to save changes only for the future partners without affecting existing partners in the segment.


Invoices created in the platform now also account for Microsoft promotions more granularly, accurately and transparently. They now apply to individual invoice lines (e.g. only the cycle fee) instead of the entire subscription.

We are planning to ship these updates on 17.10.

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