Release Notes 128

This release is on production since 10.11

What's new


Subscription upgrades are here! Now you can fully upgrade your NCE subscriptions to higher-tier offers. To find which offers Microsoft allows you to upgrade your subscription to:

  1. Find your NCE subscription and open its details
  2. Click edit
  3. Find available upgrade options at the bottom of the subscription page
  4. Click "upgrade" on the one you want
  5. Configure your full upgrade. IMPORTANT:
    1. It must be a full upgrade. In other words, configuration of the subscription (quantity and other fields) must match the current configuration of the subscription prior to the upgrade. Otherwise your order will be declined.
    2. Do not combine upgrade with other changes that Microsoft does not allow. Otherwise Microsoft will decline your order.
  6. Save changes. The page will refresh and show you the confirmation at the bottom of the page. If you check the orders section, you will also find the corresponding order there.

Partial upgrades (where you upgrade only part of the quantity) are not supported yet and are planned in future. When users upgrade their subscription in the platform, they will see a corresponding warning about restrictions.

We are also planning to improve the experience further by validating your order and form configuration with Microsoft prior to you adding the offer to cart.


We extended the downloadable reconciliation file with a new Invoice Receiver MPN ID column with MPN ID of the partner you're invoicing.

GDAP settings

Platform admins can now find a new GDAP tab with useful instructions in the integrations section of Settings.

Fixes and tweaks

We addressed edge cases when time zone differences could lead to the user missing the deadline for canceling the order. We tweaked the calculation and added a more specific UTC time to the tooltip with the deadline.

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