Release Notes 131

What's new

Our platform has long allowed all vendors to package together any number of service components into one pricing plan. Each component can have its own quantity the customer configures individually - units of hardware, software license seats, amount of storage or bandwidth etc.

Meanwhile, end-customers and sales teams still need to see "quantity" in cart, reports and other places that help check or track configuration of their subscriptions. In this update we are adding the quantity field to the cart for all NCE offers. This should help you ensure that the main part of the configuration is correct right before you place your order.

As part of our future roadmap, we are planning to release a more robust and universal solution that connects the configurability needs of vendors and ease of use end-customers continue to expect.

Tweaks and fixes

  • Fixed the fact that it was possible to attempt to reactivate NCE subscriptions in the platform. No longer possible as per Microsoft restrictions.
  • Fixed a markup change on the offer configuration page requiring an unnecessary page refresh to show the new price.
  • Fixed several issues users with subscription manager role had when attempting to work with existing subscriptions.

The release was shipped on 22/12/2022.

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