Release notes 132-133

What's new

New APIs

  • Subscription prices API - get prices for each subscription. A lightweight alternative to retrieving full subscription details for when you only need to display the price in your marketplace, ERP or another system.

Updated APIs

  • Cancel order API - extended this API with the ability to cancel specific item in any eligible order directly from your ERP.
  • Removed redundancies (e.g., unnecessary X-Referrer header) from various APIs to simplify requests.
  • Fixed Unblock Customer API to work correctly.
  • Documentation update:
    • Extended Customers API docs with examples how to filter organizations retrieved based on ID in your third-party system, full name and country. This will simplify integrations with your CRM or ERP system.
    • Published a short guide on how to manage subscriptions from your ERP/CRM or marketplace. It includes instructions how to list all subscription, retrieve and display subscription details and update the subscription in various ways.
    • Published a guide on how to use APIs to manage specific tenants your customers may have with Microsoft.

!Note you have to be logged in AppXite Developer site to explore the mentioned APIs.

The release was shipped on 19.01.

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