Distributor: Seller Price Import

If your pricing for partners are granular, you may find importing them from a spreadsheet much quicker. Do you have 50+ vendor- and offer-specific price settings for each of your 5 partner segments? No problem, just one imports and you're done!


Here is how you do it as a "DISTRIBUTOR ADMIN":

1. Open "Seller segments" section your Distributor platform and select the segment you need.



Note: which segment you select is not important - you can still import prices for multiple segments at once (see next step).


2. Click "Edit prices" and then "Import prices" (hidden as secondary action under "Create new" button).


3. On the Import popup you will find a template spreadsheet. Download it and fill it with your price settings (1 row = 1 setting). For each setting indicate the following:

  • 'Segment ID' - this determines which segment the setting will be saved for. It is mandatory.

    Tip: duplicate the same row several times and indicate different 'Segment ID' in each to import the same setting to multiple segments at once!

  • Either 'Offer ID' (setting will affect only the selected offer) or 'Vendor ID' (setting will affect all offers of the selected vendor, unless the offer has its offer-level setting). Indicating at least one is mandatory. Leave the other blank.

Tip: find all IDs in the 'Dictionary report' embedded into your platform. As any other report, you can also export it for further convenience.

Now onto the price setting itself:

  • 'Adjustment, %' - markup/markdown value. It is mandatory.
  • 'Apply to' - base price that your 'Adjustment' will apply to (Cost or Suggested Retail Price). It is mandatory.
  • 'From' -  any future date, starting with tomorrow. Again, mandatory.
  • 'Till' - any future date that is larger than 'From'. Set to '9999-12-31' if the setting shouldn't expire.

Date fields should be in format yyyy-mm-dd. This can be selected from "Format Cells... > Date > Type = 2012-03-14".


4. Import the file. If you see error messages, adjust the file and import again.


If you need help with your import file or error messages, feel free to contact AppXite Support Team at support@appxite.com.

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