Distributor: Seller Price Import

Uploading the price sheet and importing it at the seller level, enables to apply the price configuration batch on general and multiple vendors or offers at once.


In order to access the "Seller Segments" section you must have "DISTRIBUTOR ADMIN" rights. Select the Seller Management module from the Back-end Management page, log-in to the platform, and select the Catalog -> Seller segments:


Select the desired segment:


Select the Edit prices button.



Select Create New -> Import Prices.

Download the price sheet from the portal in XLSX format.


4. Populate the XLSX price sheet as follows:

  • 'Segment ID' - provide SegmentId which you attempt to copy the prices to.
  • 'Vendor ID' - provide VendorId
  • 'Offer ID' - provide OfferId

Either 'Vendor ID' or 'Offer ID' can be provided in one row. If one is specified, blank out the other value.

All necessary unique IDs can be found in the price import 'Dictionary report' in the reports section on your platform.
SegmentID is a unique ID and is always required.

  • 'Adjustment, %' - Markup value
  • 'Apply to' - can be specified to be cost price or suggested retail price.
  • 'From' -  use tomorrow's date or later date.
  • Till - use '9999-12-31' unless specified differently based on Customer's requirements.

Date fields should be in format yyyy-mm-dd. This can be selected from "Format Cells... > Date > Type = 2012-03-14".

6. Import the file and check the results after:


In case errors were reported during import, correct the XLSX file and import again.

If unable to resolve the errors, contact AppXite Support Team at: support@appxite.com

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