Release Notes 134

What's new

Detailed invoices

Disclaimer: access to this feature will first be limited to distributor admins, with rollout for all eligible user roles in the upcoming releases.
We're introducing a "detailed mode" for invoices that partners and customers will soon have the option to enable on UI and using API. When enabled, invoice rows for each subscription are broken down into separate fees that more accurately reflect subscription changes during the billing period.
For example, you will be able to see the amount charged for 30 licenses in the first 10 days of the month before the quantity change, and the amount charged for 40 licenses in the remaining 20 days of the month.
This should help partners and their customers more easily understand and explain the amount in the invoice with full confidence.
The new mode will show invoice data (almost) "as is" from the vendor, so you can expect it to be as granular as each vendor provides. If invoice lines for a particular subscription still remain unclear, we recommend cross-checking them with the history of changes made to the subscription. You will find it on the History tab of the Subscription details page.

Improved order provisioning

We improved order provisioning integrations with Adobe. Users will now see more precise and informative error messages when orders fail to be processed successfully. With more actionable feedback from the order status, it will be easier to understand the issue and troubleshoot it on your own, or to effectively report it to the vendor or AppXite.

Tweaks and bugfixes

  • Fixed incorrect quantity change displayed under "requested change" in order details.
  • Fixed 500 error when activity history section fails to load the full list of change events.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users with distributor admin role from seeing activity history.

These updates went live on 02.02.

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