Release Notes 136

What's new

Price based on country

Vendors can now create entirely different pricing plans for different countries of your end-customers. This will help ensure that each service comes at a competitive price to each local markets considering its purchasing power, competition, costs and more.
  1. As a vendor, you can now choose a country that you create a pricing plan for. "All" remains an option. The rest works exactly as before.
  2. As a customer, you will automatically receive the right price based on your country.
  3. As a partner, you can now offer services to your customers at a more competitive price. Prices for local markets of eligible Microsoft offers are now updated automatically.

Currency settings for channel

AppXite platform has long offered sellers control over the exchange rates that are used when selling to end-customers. Today, we're making it possible for any global partner to set up their own exchange rates and sell services to partners worldwide in their local currencies:
  1. Add any number of currency combinations to cover all needs of your global business.
  2. Select source from which exchange rates will be updated automatically on daily basis (e.g., ECB or Currency Layer). You can also use our APIs to send exchange rates from your own ERP or any third-party system or service you choose.
  3. Add surcharge rate to protect your bottom line from FX rate fluctuations.
  4. Maintain your currencies and rates up to date in one place.
  5. When applicable, your custom exchange rates will be used to calculate invoices to your partners.

Improvements to price settings

Based on reports from customers and further investigation we made an important change to how partner price settings work with Azure Reserved Instances offers. Here is what you need to know:
  1. When Reserved Instances subscriptions come from Microsoft into your platform, their retail price is incorrect and matches your cost. Linking your price settings to retail price may thus result in a loss.
  2. We updated your existing price settings for Reserved Instances offers to be "cost + 0%". Please review them as necessary. We heavily recommend against using retail price on Azure Reserved Instances offers in future.
  3. Price settings for Azure Reserved Instances for a specific customer will not apply.

The update was shipped on 02.03.

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