Release Notes 137

What's new

Custom field settings

Admins of the platform can now create and manage custom fields for organizations and subscriptions in Settings. This should help you enable and automate many operational and business processes in the platform or across multiple systems. Examples:

  • Add "Credit Line" field with integer input to a partner profile and sync this data from your ERP to automate your credit check and order approval process.
  • Add "Owner" field with text input to a subscription where customer can indicate the employee responsible for spending on this subscription.
  • Add "Business Group" field with predefined options to a customer profile where admins can define internal organizational structure.

If you sell to partners who also have AppXite platforms of their own, you can also set up custom fields for all your partners at once. This way you will simplify their onboarding process, and they can still change their own custom field settings later if needed.

Detailed mode for invoices

We're introducing a "detailed mode" for invoices that partners and customers can enable on UI and in API. When enabled, correction rows for each subscription are broken down into separate fees that more accurately reflect subscription changes during the billing period.

For example, you will be able to see the amount charged for 30 licenses in the first 10 days of the month before the quantity change, and the amount charged for 40 licenses in the remaining 20 days of the month.

This should help partners and their customers more easily understand and explain the amount in the invoice with full confidence.

The new mode will show invoice data (almost) "as is" from the vendor, so you can expect it to be as granular as each vendor provides. If invoice lines for a particular subscription still remain unclear, we recommend cross-checking them with subscription history. There you can see which mid-cycle changes users made to the subscription and further follow-up with those users if necessary. As before, you will it on the History tab of the Subscription details page.


  • Added markup % column to the Subscription Report for partners. No need to do math in your head.
  • Added a way to filter offers in Dictionary report by vendor and product.

Tweaks and fixes

  • Added a link to NCE subscriptions that redirects you to assign licenses.
  • Fixed and improved data accuracy for quantity fields of all Adobe subscriptions. Soon we will also ship an important update that addresses this issue for all remaining existing and future subscriptions regardless of the vendor.
  • Removed the notification event called "Subscriptions - Azure admin assigned" to reflect corresponding changes from Microsoft.

This update was shipped on 16.03.

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