Release Notes 138

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Upgrade subscriptions via API

We are excited to announce the release of a new API that allows you to list all the possible subscription upgrades for a selected subscription on AppXite Platform. With this feature, you can easily view and manage all available subscription options for your customers.

The possible upgrades and downgrades feature provides a comprehensive list of all the available plans for a selected subscription. This includes information on the subscription plan name, description, features, and pricing. With this information, you can easily determine which subscription plans are suitable for your customers and make informed decisions about managing their upgrades.

Integrating this API into your existing workflow is seamless. You can use our comprehensive documentation and API endpoints to integrate this feature into your application for end-customers.

New Subscription History API

We are also releasing our latest API to retrieve subscription history. It will allow you to show how the subscription changed over time. It supports all the most important changes users typically make such as configuration changes, renewals, cancellations, and more.

To use it, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Get subscription ID using the "List all subscriptions" or "Retrieve subscription" API.
  2. Use subscription's ID to retrieve its history using the newly published endpoint. You can specify a custom time period in your request to limit events returned in the response only to the timeframe relevant to you.

We believe the new API will be invaluable to you in both daily tasks and regular audits. We look forward to seeing all the ways in which you use Subscription History API to manage your subscriptions more effectively. Please feel free to email us at if you have questions or need help getting started.

Improvement to Invoice Headers API

In response to your feedback, we also added invoiceReferenceNumberFormatted to Invoice Headers API to show values formatted exactly as in the platform.

Updates to provisioning tools for vendors

When approving an order manually as a vendor during provisioning, you will now have better control over the subscription:
  • Set custom subscription start and end date to align them with your provisioning or invoicing times
  • Set your custom subscription ID to map it to your systems to help you prepare the invoice or automate another process
  • Set your custom order ID

We also fixed a few temporary issues that made it difficult to optimize your process or integrations between the platform and other systems:

  • Fixed an issue with External ID field of the offer failing to update
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from creating a copy of your offer as a vendor


We published a new report for partners to see all orders scheduled to be processed in the future. This should dramatically help verify if all renewals and other important changes are prepared in due time.

These updates went live on 30.03.

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