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Contract onboarding - selecting vendors

When onboarding your partner as a distributor, you will soon have better control of what they can sell. What you need to know:
  • Partner profile now shows the complete list of contracts you can create with them.
  • The list is based on the vendor of the services sold under the contract.
  • Select the desired vendors and save changes to create the contracts. You cannot delete the contract later.
  • Your choice of contracts works seamlessly with all the ways you can manage partner catalogs - contracts simply filter the catalog based on your choices.

These improvements will go live over the next couple of releases.

Better Adobe renewals

When Adobe subscriptions renew, renewal configurations will now be confirmed directly with Adobe. As a result, the configurations and prices of Adobe subscriptions on renewal will be more accurate.

Automation of Microsoft prices

With the increasing complexity and diversity of prices supported by Microsoft, it is becoming more important and challenging to keep them up to date. We further automated how your platform updates prices for all NCE and Software offers. This automation will also be used for other eligible offers from Microsoft in the future to the extent that Microsoft supports them.

Catalog changes webhook (upcoming)

If you integrate your marketplace with catalogs in your AppXite platform, it has not become much easier to maintain it up to date. We created a webhook that will automatically notify your integrated system when products are added or removed in a catalog for a specific segment.

Soon, you will be able to enable this and other webhook events in the Settings of your platform. Meanwhile, you can contact us and we will enable it for you.

Userlane integration for user onboarding and training 

We added a brand new integration with Userlane - a popular app that lets you create and embed content into your platform. Use it to onboard and train your users, provide step-by-step manual for complicated tasks or draw attention of your users to important features on the platform.
If you already have your Userlane account, go to Settings/Integrations on your platform and add your Userlane ID that you will find on your Userlane account dashboard.

Post-purchase restriction rules in pricing plans

When you create pricing plans for your service, you can now add rules which fields the customer can and cannot edit in their subscription after the initial purchase. Here are a few examples how to use it:
  • Prevent customer from reducing the duration of "Commitment" in their subscription. For instance, allow going from "1 year" to "3 years", but not from "3 years" to "1 year" or "none".
  • If "1 year" or "3 years" is selected as "Commitment", make all important configuration fields in your plan read-only.

Similar rules have been successfully used for a while in offers of our managed vendors like Microsoft. Now they are available for you to apply to any configurations in your own services.


This update went live on 27.04.

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