Release notes 141

What's new

Contract onboarding

We completed another part of the partner onboarding improvements we announced with the previous release. Our previous update gave you the ability to select which vendors your partner should be able to sell via contracts with you. This time we automated the starting catalog to be updated based on this selection to further reduce your manual effort.
  • When you approve your partner with the vendor's contract enabled, they will gain access to all products of that vendor.
  • You can still choose to add some or all of these products to your partner's starting catalog (via segments).
  • If you choose not to, the partner will still be able to add these products to the catalog on their platform themselves.

Fixes and tweaks

  • Simplified Activity History section based on feedback from customers. Now the time of each activity is converted to user's local time. We also cleaned up the description of changes to improve clarity.
  • Added tooltips with additional information to Currency settings page for extra guidance.
  • Improved validation of phone numbers when creating a new partner.

This update went live on 11.05.



Azure cost optimization report

With the increasing adoption of cloud solutions that quickly add up, it has become crucial to optimize costs and protect your bottom line.

The report helps optimize Azure costs with no effect on performance or functionality. It does this by identifying underutilized resources using advanced analytics and machine learning. It suggests ways to reduce the size of virtual machines, shut down idle resources, optimize storage space, and more. With this report, you can gain a better understanding of your Azure environment and make informed decisions to save costs for your business.

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