Release Notes 146

What's new

Upcoming updates to vendor business models

We are releasing lots of "invisible" work-in-progress that prepare the platform for crucial upcoming updates to support of vendor business models:

  1. Custom-period and long-term billing cycles
  2. Phased prices - e.g. different prices in the first, second and third year
  3. Configuration of metered billing for usage-based services
  4. Usability improvements for all relevant parties

As a vendor or MSP, you will gain new self-service capabilities via pricing plans and integrations.

As a partner, you will gain access to the latest pricing models of large vendors (e.g., Microsoft, Adobe) out of the box. This will allow you to improve your value proposition to acquire, retain, renew and grow your customers.


We added 2 new notifications.

Users will now be better notified of order status updates. Here's how:

  • Notification is sent when the status on the entire order changesas opposed to when each individual order item is provisioned (different notification).
  • This will already apply to existing order statuses as well as any statuses we add in future (e.g., "Action required" status we'll be adding soon).
  • Email notification is disabled by default. Please keep in mind that enabling it will result in up to 4 notifications for each new purchase across multiple related events.
  • Webhook notification is available for this event (disabled by default).

Your partners will now also be better notified on the invoices you send. Here's how:

Fixes and tweaks

  • We made editing custom fields in organization profile much faster. Now you edit all custom fields at once and save changes with one click instead of doing it one by one for each custom field.
  • Pagination on the page with pricing plans of your offer is now always visible. It takes less time to go from page to page or change number of plans displayed per page quickly.


These updates went live on July 20, 2023.

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