Release Notes 159

Invoice partner in single currency

We are introducing a new way to set currency of your contracts with channel partners at the very start of their onboarding. This choice will later have a huge positive impact on how you invoice them.

When creating your channel partner's profile for the first time, you can choose the currency of your contracts with them to be:

  • Same currency in which you buy from your respective supplier - this has always been and remains the default option.
  • Partner's primary currency - this is the new option.

The old option is still best to avoid any currency conversion.

The new alternative is great if you want to invoice your downstream partner in a single currency. The trade-off is that the platform may have to convert the prices you pay to your supplier into the currency of your partner. To manage FX rates and risks, we recommend you configure all relevant currency combinations in your Currency Settings, otherwise default FX rates will apply.

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Better Cancellation Policy notice

Cancellation Policy notification text on the subscription page now provides more precise instructions. When cancelling an order under such policy, Vendor Order ID (if applicable) is now additionally displayed on the confirmation popup to further reduce user error.

In more details read the article Cancellation Policies

Extra details from vendor in invoices

Added a new "Vendor details" column to Invoices, which is visible in Detailed mode. For supported vendors and offers, this column will contain any extra details the vendor may provide. For example, it can additionally indicate which exact account or domain name the charge is for.


This update is planned to go live by Jan 18, 2024.

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