Release Notes 160

Invoices from integrated vendors

If you sell your services on AppXite Platform, you can choose to use platform's billing and invoicing or to integrate your internal invoicing process and import your invoice data directly into your platform.

Some of the largest vendors (e.g., Microsoft and Adobe) are integrated. When importing their invoice data, platform used to hide zero-amount charges that come from trials and 100% discounts.

Starting now, new invoices from integrated vendors will contain zero-amount charges. If the entire invoice amount is zero, such invoice will still be created.

With zero-amount charges, items in your incoming and outgoing invoices will appear more consistent. When comparing them, you will be able to verify with full confidence that all items from your incoming invoice are adequately invoiced further.

This change only affects vendors with integrated invoicing. Other vendors, MSPs, Telcos etc. that use AppXite Platform, remain unaffected.

Subscriptions section

We made it easier for account manages and customers to work with their subscriptions. The following improvements will help you save time and reliably notice essential information:

  • Added a new "Commitment term" column that shows duration of your commitment (if applicable). It will help helps sort and find such subscriptions without opening them.
  • Added a new "Cancellation Policy" column that shows if cancellations are currently available. This will ensure you are always reminded of your opportunities to cancel recent changes as soon as you open the Subscriptions section.
  • Added a column selector, so that you can hide columns you find less relevant. All columns are displayed by default, as before.
  • Added an ability to export all visible columns and rows to Excel. This gives you the chance to handpick which information to include before you export.

Custom fields for contracts

As an admin, you can now add custom fields to contracts! Use them to enrich contracts with additional customer details, important reference numbers and other contract specifics typically used by your company or system.

You can add custom fields to contracts in Settings of your platform. Once added, you will find the fields on the contract details page, under the profile of your customer.

In more details read the following article Custom fields

Custom content for login page

Customize your login page with your own content - introduce your users to your platform, explain how to log in, provide initial guidance and more. Add your own HTML blocks in "Theme and UI" settings of your platform.

You can also choose to greet your guest users with an entirely different page instead of your catalog. Users that come directly to will land on a your selected page at the start of their visit.

In more details read the following article How does Theme & UI works?

Text formatting in CPQ

When creating a price plan, you can now add formatting (B, I, U) and a hyperlink to the label of any field.

You can also use the same formatting options, plus bulleted and numbered lists, when adding a "Label" type element to the configuration form.


Fixed unintentional updates to prices of some historical orders. Before the fix, most recent price would sometimes be displayed instead of the price on the order date.


These updates are planned to go live by Feb 1, 2024.

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