Release Notes 163

New customer prices

Impact and benefits

We made it far easier to set up and manage highly individual pricing for each customer. Our changes will save your staff countless hours and significantly reduce errors in their delicate pricing duties. Platform training for your new employees will also become a breeze.

All customer prices in one place

We unified all end-customer pricing for partners and merged price settings for all customers and each customer individually. You will now find them both in the main "Customer prices" section under "Catalog".

You can also import prices for individual customers and all customers from the same file, in one go. Less things to think about when you click "Import". The button is temporarily hidden, but will come back shortly after the release.

Any individual prices you create there will show up in the same overview, alongside generic prices for all customers. With the new filter by customer and search by offer, it only takes several clicks and a few seconds to answer most frequent questions:

  • "Which price settings affect my customer at the moment?"
  • "How is each vendor priced for all customers I manage?"
  • "For which customers do I need to update the price of our newly added offer?"

New additions

The new customer-specific prices share all capabilities with prices for all customers. This means the way they work should already be familiar to you, but here's several key takeaways from us:

  • Individual customers can now have a price setting for an entire vendor.
  • Individual customers can now have a price setting for any custom offer group (e.g., product).
  • You can now display "Special price" badge for individual customers.
  • When calculating the price for any customer, their individual price setting will override (and not stack) the all-customer setting for the same offer

Old page

The old page and the "Edit prices" link in customer profile are gone. We moved all existing price settings you may have had there to their new home - the main "Customer prices" section under catalog. Resulting prices remain unaffected.


NCE Price List Report now allows you to show prices in two different ways: for the full term (old) or for the selected billing period (new). It can help you avoid manual recalculation when monitoring prices, or reporting and projecting ARR/MRR and other related financials for different periods.

We also added primary address to Customer Report. 

For more details on the NCE Price list report read NCE Price list report



  • You can now see who was the last person to update your price plan and when. It will help you ensure that all price plans are up to date, track progress during onboarding and troubleshoot errors in your regular price updates. In more details read the following article Accessing CPQ/SKU Method and Price Plan Updates
  • Google Workspace order provisioning is now more transparent. We added "Action Required" status for Google Workspace orders that require customer input to be completed.
  • Fixed Users search box occasionally crashing the page when used before the page fully loads.


These updates went live on March 14, 2024.

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