Release Notes 44 & 45

This release focused on integration with AWS and processing of consumption data. Starting with invoices for September, you will now be able to track costs on a granular level. We also made reconciliation data from all vendors we support in the platform available via API.

Do you allow new customers to self-register? If so, you will also find that we added extra verification of your new customers by payment card when they use Live ID.

As usual, we also did some work on improving the stability of the platform.


Features included in the release:

Title Description Customers
Processing of AWS consumption data

We significantly improved how we process consumption data from AWS. Starting September you will see your real consumption numbers appear in invoices and reports.


Processing of AWS pricing

Improvements to AWS integration also let you see how much you spend on AWS cloud services on a more granular level.


Automatic access to reconciliation data

All vendor reconciliation data is now accessible through our reporting API.


Customer verification with payment card

If you allow your customers to register on their own with Live ID, they will now be asked to verify themselves with a payment card.


„Product unavailable“ badge description 

When you manage your catalog, you will now see a warning when your product is unavailable for sale for your industry (e.g. Education, Nonprofit etc.).



Bugs fixed in this release

  • We fixed a broken link to the Contracts section.
  • Sometimes you wouldn't be able to open your subscriptions that start in the future. Problem has gone now.
  • Fixed occasional problems suspending multiple subscriptions at once
  • In a rare scenario, it was possible to check out with an empty cart. No more.
  • We addressed 2 issues at once - missing vendor column and missing data in the reconciliation file.
  • Added the Education industry into the configuration for some education vendor offers that prevented them from being visible to some education customers.
  • Fixed occasional problems finalizing the order.
  • Fixed occasional unexpected error while browsing the Invoices section.
  • Made Audio Conferencing available as an add-on for Office 365 Business Premium.
  • Fixed a bug when you sometimes couldn't resend a user invites.
  • Fixed a bug when offers would sometimes lose their images on their way to your screen.
  • Search results would sometimes display hidden offers. We fixed that.
  • To the very few of you who experienced an error during tenant creation - that will no longer happen.
  • Fixed a bug when sometimes select offers could display the wrong retail price.

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