Release Notes 47, 48 & 49

This release focuses on improvements to stability & performance and overhauls several key areas for everyday users. Here are some of them:

  • Checkout flow
  • Editing of subscriptions
  • User invitation & logins
  • User permissions
  • Organization details

Numerous usability tweaks were also introduced to price management, campaigns and catalog management features released thanks to the feedback of our valued customers as well as our own Customer Success and Support teams.

Please, see a short video about the Features included in the release here.


Features included in the release:

Title Description Beneficiary

Localize “New tenant created” notification

We added Finnish localization for notifications that are sent in the event of new tenant creation.


Permissions change for accessing Contracts

Regular Users are no longer able to access Contracts. No changes to other roles introduced.

Seller / Customer

AAD as default account/identity provider

We’ve recently added a way to white-list identity services for user accounts that are allowed to be invited to your platform. Now we also set AAD as the default option if you haven’t configured this in your platform’s Settings yet.

Seller / Customer

Show reseller T&C to customer only (user & user admin roles)

We added an option to require customers to accept your seller Terms & Conditions.

Seller / Customer

Buying and managing bundle subscriptions as a customer

We drastically improved how bundles are displayed on the storefront, how they are purchased and later on managed by the customer.


Better support for Nordic languages

We added a lot of extra localization to Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Danish.

Seller / Customer

Edit subscription without going through the checkout

As a part of our bigger overhaul of the checkout process, we also removed the need for the salesperson or the customer to go through the cart when editing an existing subscription. Now the order will simply in the background, making this daily action effortless.

Seller / Customer

Use of short and full names of organizations

We revised when short and full names of organizations are displayed to make it more appropriate to the specific context in different parts of the platform interface.


Improvements to product tagging

Tags that you can assign to products now behave more correctly and intuitively. Seller / Customer

Improved user invitation and login experience

We overhauled our user invitation & authentication process from the moment you invite the user to the moment they log in. This
involves improvements to permissions management, authentication method management, login screen and more, which are now more functional and intuitive.

Seller / Customer

Permissions  tweak for viewing Contracts

Ensured that Contracts pages are available to all relevant roles.



Bugs fixed in this release:

Title Description Beneficiary
T&C visual glitch on checkout

Sometimes you would see T&C check boxes not displayed correctly on UI during your checkout. We fixed that.

CSP Partner Admin permissions

Some CSP Partner Admins were unable to access the new Settings section or reports in certain scenarios. Now everything is working fine for all admins.


Default quantity for certain offer

In rear cases, some users were unable to add an offer to the cart due to the correct quantity not reaching the system. We fixed it.


Editing country in organization profile

We fixed problems some users experienced changing the country in the profile of their organization.

Seller / Customer

Invoice correction for frequency change in first month

We improved the accuracy of invoices received by sellers by introducing corrections for new edge-cases.


Wrong time periods for overlapping markups

We noticed and fixed a scenario under which dates for your new markup would not save correctly. It occurred under certain conditions when the new dates overlap with the dates of existing markup.


Special Price badge tweak

Under certain scenarios, markups you set on offers and marks as "special" wouldn't display a badge to the customer. We made sure it is always displayed now for the offer and the product to which it belongs.

Seller / Customer

Issue with updating the user's country

Fixed an occasional problem changing country in the user profile.

Seller / Customer
Issues updating billing information

Some organizations had problems editing billing information in the profile, which is now fixed.

Seller / Customer

Stability & performance improvements

We introduced numerous improvements to loading speed and reliability of several sections in the platform, including Organizations, Customer Prices, Settings and more.


Improved accuracy of billing, invoicing and reports

We improved the accuracy of reports and invoices with regards to customer billing by introducing corrections to numerous small records.

Seller / Customer


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