Release Notes 74 & 75

In this release we are introducing tools for how product managers of vendors and MSPs can configure their services:

Define unique price composition logic and discounts for each billing cycle separately.

Define which options the customer can choose are cross-compatible. To put it in the context of subscription-based services, your high-tier support services may only be available to customers with annual billing or commitment. Adding such a compatibility rule will prevent the customer from seeing your high-tier support services as an option for the main service when monthly billing is selected with no commitment.

We are also adding a few tweaks, bug fixes, and smaller improvements. Please find more details below. 

Release details

Title Description Who benefits?
Different pricing logic for each billing cycle As a vendor or MSP, you can now define unique price
composition logic and discounts for each billing cycle
Vendor, MSP
Compatibility rules for configuration options As a vendor or MSP, you can now ensure that the
customer can only select compatible components of
your service based on your custom rules.
Vendor, MSP
Adjust renewal dates based on commitment period Renewal and related price recalculation will no longer
happen during the commitment period. If the subscription is renewable, its first renewal will be postponed till the commitment period is over.
Vendor, MSP, seller, customer
Upload logo as a seller You can now go to /Settings/Branding to change the
logo used in your platform and notifications.
MSP, distributor, seller
Show catalog of default segment when the organization is not selected When logged out or when the customer is not selected
(and thus segment is unknown), catalog of the default
the segment will now be displayed.
Distributor, seller, customer

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