Release Notes 80

We made it possible to make your services even more configurable as a vendor or MSP:
a) You can now add a checkbox to the offer configuration form to allow the customer to choose optional upgrades (e.g. custom domain).
b) You can make use of the new dropdown that allows the customer to select multiple options at once.
We also addressed popular user feedback emphasizing the need to conveniently filter and search subscriptions by vendor tenant. When you open the Subscriptions section, you will now see a search field and vendor filter that allows selecting a specific tenant if the selected customer organization has several.

Release details

Title Description Who benefits?
A checkbox in offer forms Add checkbox to offer configuration form for a customer to select optional upgrades for your service. Vendor, MSP
Multiselect dropdown in offer forms Add a dropdown with multiple options the customer can select at the same time when configuring your service. Vendor, MSP
Search and filter subscriptions by the tenant As a customer or account manager, search/filter subscriptions in the Subscriptions section by the tenant. Distributor, seller,


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