Release Notes 83

a) Show dynamic configuration options for your offer.

As a vendor, you can now integrate your system to display configuration options to the customer who configures your offer inside the platform. Use it to load a list of customer’s cloud accounts, domains, or other options that are dynamically determined based on information in your system. Send us a request at if you would like to integrate such offers.

b) Customer Tax ID verification in select countries.

When a customer creates a tenant domain with Microsoft through the platform, Tax ID (used to be called VAT number)
and other details will undergo extra validation from Microsoft as per their new requirements for select countries. Important to remember:
- Upon creation of a tenant domain, the latest customer information from the customer profile in the platform will be sent to Microsoft for validation.
- If Tax ID is empty in the customer profile, the customer will be marked as Tax-exempt on Microsoft side.
- Updating customer profile in the platform will update customer’s information on Microsoft side the next time a tenant domain is used.
For more information check Microsoft announcement on Changes to the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) customer onboarding requirements.
c) Platform language settings.

Language settings are now available for all admin users. In the Settings section, you will find the full list of available languages that you can enable. If you enable multiple languages, users will see a language switcher before and after they log in. Their most recently selected language will be saved for future visits.

d) Login with IBM ID.

You can now enable IBM ID as a login method in the settings of your platform. This login method will become available for users to log in with.

Title Description Who benefits?
Dynamic offer configuration options  Add configuration options to your offers dynamically from your system. Vendor, MSP
Customer Tax ID verification in select countries Pass new Microsoft customer verification requirements when creating or using a tenant domain during purchase. Seller, Customer
Platform language settings Language settings and better multilanguage support for the end-user. Distributor, Seller,
Login with IBM ID A new login option that you can enable in your Settings. Distributor, Seller,

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