Release Notes 135

What's new

Date format

Platform admins can now customize date format in Settings:

  1. Admins can choose one of 9 presets of formats tailored to US, EU, and global regions.
  2. All dates that users see on the platform are displayed in the selected format.
  3. The setting only affects the interface of the platform. All your integrations will remain intact and unaffected.

Better customer industry control for partners

Customers often select their industry when configuring the offer during the initial purchase. Customers used to be able to select any industry that they qualify for with the vendor of the offer.

Starting now, partners can have additional control over their portfolios. As a partner, you can deselect an industry from your customer's profile, and this customer will no longer be able to select it as "Industry" when configuring the offer and getting the price.

Detailed invoices

Detailed invoice line items that were announced in the previous release, we have now rolled out also for Seller admins and other roles eligible to view invoices.


This update was shipped on 16.02.

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