Release Notes 139

What's new

Faster orders

Your platform now sends all orders placed by your end-customers to vendors every 9 minutes, down from 20 minutes previously. Processing orders at more frequent intervals means that on average all subscriptions will be updated and customers will be notified up to twice as quickly!

Extended detailed mode for invoices

In one of our recent updates we introduced detailed mode for invoices that explains how the correction fees are calculated based on the exact changes made to the subscription during the billing period. Now, you can also see such details for all other fees such as purchase fee, cycle fee etc.

APIs will now also pass extra details for these fees when requested.

Switch to pricing plans

Pricing plans have long been the main focus of our tools for vendors. Starting now, they become the only option you can use to create prices for your new offers.

You will no longer be able to create an offer with basic prices, but you can still update basic prices you're already using with your existing offers. Even so, we heavily recommend that you switch to pricing plans which regularly receive important updates like prices based on industry, country and so much more.

If you haven't revisited pricing plans recently, try them now!


These updates are live since 13.04.

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